CFTUI has multi-dimensional activities.


CFTUI  has a long way to go. It is in the priority list of the organization to have its branches in all the states of the Country. Our Central Committee members  are working hard in this mission and every year some unions of new states are joining our family. The third congress of the organization took a special resolution to consolidate its strength in existing states and expand in new states every year. The confederation leadership is having its mission trips, campaigns, seminars  to give better understanding about the organization.  

Agitation / Demonstration  by lawful means

CFTUI has demonstrated in several states of the country against the exploitation of the workers. In Bihar it is running a long drawn movement for the work charged and daily wages employees who are deprived of their right to be made permanent. Besides agitation and demonstraton the organization has taken the issue in the law courts also. Similarly the issue of Bihar State Road Transport Corporation Employees have been addressed very seriously under the guidance of CFTUI.
CFTUI has undertaken the issue of Anganbari workers also who are probably the lowest paid workers having greatest role especially in the implementation of rural development programmes. Since it is a national issue joint agitations have also been done in the national capital Delhi with other organizations to give bigger impact.

In Andhra Pradesh several agitations and demonstrations have been done for the cause of workers of Port and Dock in Vishakhapattanam, domestic workers, Agriculture and Fisheries workers. The unions have achieved also during their series of agitations.
In Delhi the problems of shops employees and other unorganized sector workers have also been addressed. The unions have had series of agitations for the payment of minimum wages and other benefits for which the workers are eligible. Workers have forced the state government to come with a positive statement.

Likewise CFTUI has come forward in several other states to fight for the cause of workers.

Seminars / Workshops

Development of grass root leadership and training about the skills of organizational strengthening is also one of organizations prime agenda. Every Year CFTUI organizes seminars and workshops in different states for this purpose. It has a very positive impact amongst the grass root leaders.

Campaign for awareness

To raise awareness about the issues of national issues have also been undertaken by the organization. In the past we had had seminars on the issue of trafficking of women, Child labour and AIDS. In coming days the organization has plan to address such burning issues of national importance.

Negotiation / Social Dialogues

CFTUI believes in positive Trade Unionism. That is why we give emphasis of social dialogue and negotiations before entering into any agitational activities.
In several matters there have been success also.





CFTUI Team in the chamber of the Labour Minister Maharashtra
(Extreme right ) and Labour commissioner (3rd from right)

Migrant Centre

CFTUI has given due importance to the problems of migrant workers in big cities. A migrant center has been established in Mumbai to extend help and support to the workers coming from different parts of the country. In coming days similar centers will be established in other cities also.

Center: 112, Pride of Vakola Pipeline
Santa Cruz (e), Mumbai 55
Contact: 02264533680 Mob: 9969465716, 9224662727.

Monthly News letter

To have exchange of information and idea is very important element for better understanding and strengthening mutual relations within the organization. To fulfill this objective a monthly news letter in national language Hindi named ‘APNA SAATHI’ for the last several years. The organization is planning to come out with the translated version of the newsletter in English and other languages.

Health & Literacy Centre

CFTUI has addressed the problem of health and illiteracy amongst women. In pursuance to that every Health camps are organized in those area where workers of low income groups are residing. Similarly literacy camps have also been organized especially for women.

Strengthening International Relations

CFTUI has international Partners who are extending all out support to fulfill its objectives. It has a close working relation with World Solidarity movement (WSM) of Belgium, it has strong ties with ACV/CSC of Belgium also.
CFTUI is presently Associate member of the biggest Trade Union Organization of the world 'INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION' ( ITUC). Earlier it was important affiliate of BATU & WCL. Both the organizations were dissolved to pave way for creation of ITUC.

Cooperative Societies and Self help groups

To raise the living standered of the poor workers CFTUI has encouraged the creation of cooperative societies and self help groups. There are are cooperative societies already working in Maharashtra and Bihar and it will be extended to Andhra and Delhi very soon. A large number of Self Help Groups are also working in Maharashtra and their products are very popular.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is one of the priority agenda of CFTUI and some of our unions like Anganbari and Domestic workers union are fully managed by the women workers. To raise awareness amongst women, INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY is organized every year in different parts of the country.