About us

Confederation Of Free Trade Unions Of India (CFTUI) is not only a Trade Union Organization , rather a quest for the total freedom, dignity and decent living of the Workers of India.

  • C.F.T.U.I. is an umbrella organization of Trade Unions, Trade Federations, Associations,  Societies and other organizations of India, dedicated towards welfare and development of the society in general and workers in particular.
  • C.FTUI is absolutely free from any control or attachment with the political parties or groups . It relies solely on the workers unity to fulfil its objectives. It believes that there can not be a true labour movement unless the Trade Unions are independent in thinking and free to decide there strategies.
  • C.F.T.U.I believes that: -  Human being is the real soul of society.
  • A just & Humane Society can uphold the principle of Humanism, individual dignity and rationalism.
  • Working class is the biggest partner of the society. They are also capable to bring a positive & rational change in the society .So there is need of a strong and responsible workers movement to shape trade unions as social movement and prove that another world is possible, free from all exploitation and atrocity.
  • Cooperative social relationships contribute to develop individual who is the real measure of social progress. Quest for freedom and search for truth constitute the basic urge of human progress. It can be attained through the common will of rational thinking persons, because in this law governed nature, the human being is essentially rational.
  • The purpose of all rational human endeavours (both individual & collective) is attainment of freedom, in ever increasing measure. Freedom is progressive disappearance of all restrictions on the unfolding of the potentialities of individuals as human beings, and not as cogs in the wheels of mechanical social organism. Thus it is wrong to ascribe a collective ego to any form of human community. Collective well-being is a function of the well being of individuals.
  • C.F.T.U.I believes that every society has the right to progress according to its own ground realities and environment.
  • Any Socio-Political, Economic or Cultural expansionism, which destroys the basic fibre of the society, should be opposed.
  • C.F.T.U.I is duty bound to uphold the human dignity and thus it is opposed to any action, which derogates the human rights.